Yesterday Judge Oscar Garcia temporarily blocked the anti-immigrant law SB4.

Many pro-immigrant activists are celebrating what they are calling a victory.

The SB4 law was going to allow local officers to ask for the immigration status of those detained. Police would in turn have to cooperate with federal immigration officials. If they didn’t, they would be fined or worse removed!
This was meant to go into effect tomorrow but yesterday, parts of this law were temporarily blocked. The long battle towards the elimination of SB4 by activists showed to make a real difference in the decision made by Judge Oscar Garcia as he announced it violates the rights of those in the country and is unconstitutional.
According to the documents, it violated first amendment rights, the due right process of law and gave local officials federal powers. Immigration lawyer Carlos Garcia states that asking for your immigration status when detained by officials is still allowed. He reiterates knowing your rights is crucial and states when asked about your immigration status, you have the right not to answer and to file a lawsuit if a federal immigration officials is called.
Officials says it’s not enough that SB4 is just temporarily blocked, it needs to be gone for good.
If officials were to violate your rights, local organizations like lupe and lulac are working to defend these cases.

It’s important to mention that cities and civil rights organizations who have sued the courts now have to prove how it violates rights in order for it to be eliminated.