RGV (KFXV)– In August, an accident in neighboring city, Reynosa, left five undocumented immigrants dead.
One of the women on board was pregnant and miraculously survived.
These are the images of the bloody scene.
Emergency personnel surrounded the area where the van rolled over– ejecting those on board.
Among those whose dreams were shattered was 21-year-old, Candelaria Gutierrez– who at the time of the accident was eight months pregnant.
She says the economic situation forced her to leave her country.
“In guatemala there’s no work and one wishes to buy basic stuff and there’s no money, that’s why I left. My husband stayed with the children but look what happened to us.”
During her journey, Gutierrez was in constant communication with her husband– until the accident that took place on August 31st and left five people dead.
The fatal accident left Gutierrez severely injured– and she gave birth to a boy, while in coma.
Both are in good health and have reunited with the child’s father. After the miraculous incident, the family says they will now be returning to Guatemala.