This week the pre-trial date for John Feit was rescheduled.The murder of South Texan beauty queen and teacher, Irene Garza in 1960 not only rattled the valley but the entire country. Irene Garza, twenty- five at the time, was last seen the night of April sixteenth at Sacred Heart Church in McAllen. Fifty-seven years ago, Garza’s body was found in an irrigation canal five days after she went missing. The main suspect in this case was found to be John Feit who was a priest at Sacred Heart at the time. The case went cold for decades until recently it was reopened—–Feit had since moved to Arizona— he was extradited back to the Rio Grande Valley in early 2016. Feit’s lawyer Rene Flores asked the judge when they would precede to present the evidence in the case. Judge Luis Singleterry responded to the question presented by the attorney.

During this morning’s hearing a date was rescheduled for October the third where Feit will be present.

Earlier today it was not determined if next month’s date will be when evidence is presented.

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