Mission (KFXV) — A bond has been set for a Mission man accused of bribery, two years after the federal investigation opened. A postal service employee pled not guilty this morning in federal court– on charges of bribery of public officials and witnesses.
Forty-three-year-old, Noe Abdon Olvera taken into custody Friday morning as he arrived to work at a U.S. Postal service facility in McAllen– on allegations that he accepted $1200 dollars in bribes.
According to the federal indictment, Olvera accepted the money on two separate occasions in October 2014 in exchange for providing lists of postal customer names and addresses.
This recording, obtained by the newspaper, The Monitor, shows Olvera as he’s working– asking a woman also mentioned in court documents, for $3000 dollars in exchange for lists with addresses.
Despite only referring to the individuals as “Geovani” and “Guerra”– it isn’t clear who he actually referred to.
But the recording was taken in 2014– same year that Hidalgo County Sheriff, Eddie Guerra was running for his current position.
And where Geovani Hernandez was a write-in candidate.
We reached out to the defendant’s attorney for a comment but as of right now there’s been no response.
Olvera’s final pre-trial is scheduled for next month. Count on us to keep you updated.