McAllen (KFXV) – A valley video going viral on social media. The video shows an alleged public indecency act happening in a McAllen Public Park.

We spoke to the man who captured the alleged sexual act with his cell phone camera. He tells us he only filmed part of what he saw since the rest were images too graphic to record.
These images filmed at Westside Park in McAllen causing concern among valley residents.
Jose Lopez performed his morning routine going out for a jog when he heard something out of the ordinary.
It shows how Lopez got near the couple demanding an explanation after witnessing what he says was them having sexual intercourse in broad daylight with several children playing nearby.
According to the Texas Penal Code 21.07, public lewdness is considered an offense classified an a Class A misdemeanor.
We spoke to officials with the McAllen Police Department who are aware of the incident. They tell us they are investigating the case.
They will decide if this case can be prosecuted using this video.
We also spoke to families who were at the McAllen Westside Park during the day. They say this is not the first time something similar like this happens. Now they are asking for more security in this public place.