SPI (KFXV) — Tens of thousands of vehicles crossing into South Padre Island, over the last couple of days. Making it one of the most popular destinations for spring breakers in the nation.

With thousands of people going into the island daily, an estimated 12 agencies are currently working to keep crimes at-a-minimum this spring break.

As FOX cameras were rolling at one of two hot spots for spring breakers, within minutes we were able to see at least two people being placed into custody.

South Padre Island, Chief Randy Smith says every officer is working this ‘Texas week’ for more than 12 hours a shift.

Mid-week, business owners are still expecting the arrival of more tourists over the weekend.

This part of the beach has officials from different agencies overseeing the area, as minor disturbances have broken out throughout the island.

Others keeping a watchful eye on these spring breakers are the beach reach team, offering free rides to college students.

Local law enforcement agencies have also lent out their equipment to SPI police.

Officials tell me, they’ve been overwhelmed with calls, and expect it to continue throughout the weekend.