The narcotics investigation took place this morning. Tonight both suspects are behind bars facing serious charges.
San Juan authorities struck down a drug trafficking operation thanks to an anonymous call.
Police officers observed two men leaving a home located at 1906 Chula Vista Drive in San Juan.
Suspects gave investigators consent to search their home for drugs. Upon executing their operation, police found more than 360 lbs. of marijuana inside.
According to police, two suspects identified as Jaime and Santiago Diaz were arrested shortly after leaving the home. FOX 2 NEWS went to the brother’s home hoping to obtain a reaction, but unfortunately no one answered the door.
And even most of the residents preferred to stay anonymous; one neighbor did mention the occupants of the house seem like a nice quiet family with two small children.
This week, San Juan officers have made nine arrests involved in fourth different cases of drug trafficking. Authorities ask residents to be part of their fight against street level drug deals.
The suspects are due in court to face charges for possession of marijuana. If you suspect criminal activity in your neighborhood, police ask you to report it immediately.