MISSION – Two home invasion suspects are on the run tonight after targeting a safe inside the house.

Officers responded to the 1800 block of Lauren Lane in reference to a robbery in progress Tuesday afternoon.

According to police, two armed men wearing ski masks entered through the rear door of the home.

Residents are in shock after they realized what happened in their neighborhood.

“It’s a very peaceful neighborhood I don’t know what happened here,” explains a concerned neighbor.

According to mission police. No injuries were reported in this case but the suspects did take a floor safe. Neighbors tells Fox 2 news an elderly woman lived in the house where the incident happened.

“I would see nurses with her, or providers someone that took care of her,” adds a concerned neighbor.

Mission police is asking for help locating the suspects. If you have any leads in this case you are asked to call mission crime stoppers at 581-8477.