Palmview (KFXV) — A man remains hospitalized and one more is recovering after a police chase ends in gunshots.

Police say it all started with what seems to be a road rage incident. We spoke to a family member who witnessed the police chase ending in a shooting.. everything captured on cellphone video.

These are the images caught on camera by Gisselle Amador. A young girl who witnessed how one of the suspects falls to the floor after being shot by police.

She tells me she saw how the suspect’s vehicle stopped in front of her home after reaching a dead end with nowhere to go.

Authorities say the pursuit started in mcallen after a 911 call from another driver.

Investigators explained the chases ended in a residential area in palmview with officers being forced to open fire.

Both suspects were injured in the shooting and transported to a local hospital

Authorities say one of the suspects was already released from the hospital while a second man remains in serious condition.