RGV (KFXV) — Multiple police departments chasing down a car with two suspects inside – through the three major counties in the Rio Grande Valley.
Tonight the two suspects are still on the loose after ditching their car.
The manhunt is on to find those two suspects who maybe from mexico. Investigators tell me the duo left their car on Brushline Road in Edinburg after police chased them for miles, getting lost in the bushes.
These are images of the heavy police presence that lasted 3 hours, provoked by the chase — as Willacy, Cameron and Hidalgo County Sheriff’s came together to try to corral the suspects.
Officers say the suspects drove erratically through several different cities. It all began in the city of Combes in Cameron County after the suspects fled during a traffic stop. Driving towards Willacy county north of lyford -then going through edcouch – and ending up on brushline road.
Police are looking into the mexican plates found on the vehicle ditched by the suspects to see if they can find out who the owner is.
Others in the neighborhood say they see a lot of police activity and want something done.
We have been following up with police throughout the night. At this hour, no word on if the suspects have been caught.