Pharr – Smoking will no longer be allowed inside establishments in the city of Pharr.

This, thanks to a change to an ordinance signed today, that will ban the use of cigarettes.

The city of Pharr becomes the fifth city in the valley and 51st in the state to adopt a no smoking ordinance inside establishments, including bars and restaurants.

During a third and final meeting, the Pharr commissioner’s board voted on the ordinance that will now ban smoking in all public places.

This includes restaurants and bars. One business owner tells fox 2 news she’s all for the change.

“I’m excited,” Alvadora Pedraza said. “It gives me joy that this is now the case because in reality we don’t need smoking in businesses.”

Alvadora Pedraza is the owner of Sepi’s Bar and Grill in Pharr. For over ten years, Mrs. Pedraza has not allowed smoking in her business.

“My customers understand. I asked them to please smoke outside,” Pedraza said. “They know what I’ve been through, so some don’t mind.”