PHARR (KFXV) — After receiving complaints against Pharr’s decision to hold contract with Hidalgo County EMS– council members determined the emergency company followed all laws– during a commissioners meeting.

One major concern Fox News, received is that the provider’s standards were not meeting the city’s current ordinance– which Hidalgo County EMS denies.  Pharr city council members did their last reading, about a city ordinance in which the emergency service company providing their services to residents had to meet federal, state and county requirements.  This ordinance– which some residents are against— would force other emergency service companies operating within the city, to get a permit that costs $500.

Hidalgo County EMS owner, Kenneth Ponce adds that every vehicle has one paramedic on board.  Fire Department Chief said there was a misunderstanding because of a misprint in the current contract but says it’s already been amended.