Mcallen (KFXV) — Authorities are now releasing these images of a suspect seen the night a pet shop was lit on fire. Fox reporters spoke to the managers of the affected store. We spoke with the store manager of exotic tropical pet world –a store that lost everything and was forced to relocate. Police believe this man could be responsible for the intentional fire.

A young man walking outside the store in the middle of the night.. is what surveillance video was able to capture just before a fire in this pet shop.

Locked doors and empty space is all that’s left at the 1400 block of East Expressway 83 previously known as The Exotic Tropical Pet World.

Tonight the store manager speaks out about the night of the fire saying they only had one thing in mind; keeping the animals safe.

The animals made it out safely but he adds more than 3 months after the incident, they are still fighting to recover from the emotional and economic hit at a provisional location.

Now they are hoping these images will lead to information of the person responsible for the arson–helping authorities move forward with the case.

Here is another look at the suspect, who appears to be wearing a blue Under Armour shirt, black shorts and Nike tennis shoes. If you have any information you are asked to call McAllen Crime Stoppers at 956-687-8477.