A new online tool created by the Department of Agriculture and Texas Commissioner, Todd

Staples can help you save time and money by helping you choose a qualified pest control service.

Some farmers have already started planting their crops for the year but this time of year also calls for those unwanted pests– not only in the fields but also at home.

In an effort to protect homeowners and businesses, a new online tool has been created to locate pest control companies providing a starting point for customers looking to hire structural services.

A certified pest control expert says you run the risk of a job not being well done if you don’t look closely with who you hire.

The pest control industry is concerned about unlicensed and uninsured individuals that are representing themselves as pest control companies to customers.

You simply go to the texasagriculture.gov enter your zip code or street and a map or list of the licensed places will appear.

Commissioner Todd Staples who created the tool says it will certainly help consumers select a properly licensed business.

And it’s best to do your research before hiring anyone because the consequences may be worse.

Once again the website is www.texasagriculture.gov if you need more information.