Texas governor Rick Perry was booked at the Travis county courthouse late this afternoon.

What you’re looking at now is the official mug shot of the governor taken moments after he walked inside the Travis County courthouse accompanied by his legal team during the booking process.

Prior to that, he spoke briefly to reporters outside the courthouse and said his actions were lawful, legal and proper, and that the indictment on two felony counts was a political effort to achieve what couldn’t be done at the ballot box.

These are perry’s words before turning himself to authorities voluntarily.

“I’m going to walk into this courthouse with my head held high, knowing that the actions that i took were not only lawful and legal, but right.” says Rick Perry, governor of Texas(R). “I’m going to fight this injustice with every fiber of my being and we will prevail.”

Perry thanked the sheriff deputies for the professionalism during his booking and then went to grab an ice cream cone. He even posted a photo on his official twitter account of him outside sandy’s hamburgers in downtown Austin.

The photo shows Perry holding an ice cream, with his arm around an unidentified woman. His attorneys David Botsford and Tony Buzbee are standing nearby with their own ice cream cones.