Part 1: The Weird World Of Sports

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The creations of humankind first crude tools to create, protect and kill.

Than as more time passed, tools to farm grows and thrive.

Than somewhere around 7000 thousand B.C. another creation, free time!!!

For the first moment in human history there was a gap, a brief time away from constant work and struggle, out of this primordial ooze spawned the greatest invention human kind has ever known, sports!

Professor Gregory Selber is an associate professor of communications at UTPA and he’s teaching a new class this semester on the history of sport and he sees humankind’s creative nature in life transitioning as smoothly as a line drive to left or a bounce pass to the basket into the world of sports

From the helium heap of various balls and sports related objects, a few have risen to the top in the us and around the world.

Football, real football, baseball and basketball. But what about those outside the main stream?

In searching for a sport with a lot of personality. You need to look much further than roller derby.

from a dimly lit rink in Weslaco to the state farm arena., where a basketball court has become a battle ground for perhaps one of the oldest human sports.

People yelling and throwing things at each other, more affectionately known as dodge ball.

Perhaps no weird sport exemplifies some of our most basic ancestral traits and characteristics of survival of the fittest our side against these.

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