This Tuesday we told you about a senior citizen from Palmview that had gone missing, tonight.  He is back with his family.

This afternoon Nicolas Salas sits on his front porch with ease.  Almost as if the incident that happened earlier this week hadn’t happened at all.

“I’m very happy, I thank god  that my father is fine,” explains Maria Guadalupe Salas, daughter.

On Monday 81 year old Nicolas Salas walked out of his residency at the 1400 block of Greene road at 10:30  a.m.

On the 1400 block of Greene road and didn’t return home.

It wasn’t until at approximately 10:27 p.m. Tuesday that the Salas family received a call from their family in Reynosa Mexico claiming that us customs had contacted them saying Salas   was at the McAllen – Hidalgo international bridge.

“My sister in law got a call and  went for him, she took him to her house and me and my brother went to go pick him up,” says Vallejo.

The family claims they took off immediately to retrieve their father who suffers from Alzimers and other health conditions.

It is still unclear of where he slept that one night what he ate or how he  ended up at the international bridge.

The bruises that now  cover his body however. Show it wasn’t an easy travel.

We asked Nicolas himself how he made it to the bridge. If in fact he got a ride from a person driving a white car in Mission, as witnesses claimed yesterday.  He was unsure himself.

However he did have someone to thank for being back home . Salas was back home by 1:30 a.m. on Tuesday and appeared to be in good health.

However his family is now looking for answers as to how he got the port of entry and why they weren’t the first to be notified.