Special Report: The Palmview 9: Part Two

Authorities are reporting an increase in the number of teens being recruited to join criminal organizations and gangs… and now, those authorities are stepping up.

Experts say to be able to find a solution to this growing problem, they first have to get to the root of what causes teens to commit these crimes in the first place.

Rodriguez began his 20 year sentence at the age of 17… According to the Center of Juvenile Detention statistics in 2011, 127 thousand teenagers in Texas under the age of 18 were arrested for violent crimes.

With more than 7 years or experience, Judge Jesse Contreras has dealt with multiple juveniles cases. He says the problem is more than just temptation for these teens. Judge Contreras says the only way to break away from the cycle is through education.

Border Patrol, along with along with other local agencies have teamed up to try to combat the problem and travel to schools to discuss the dangers of getting involved in the organized crime. When it comes to criminal activity; your life and freedom aren’t worth it…

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