Rio Grande Valley, TX – A militia group is calling itself a “Coalition of Patriots” and named their self-assigned mission as Operation “Secure Our Border”.

The groups says it’s a call for action to militant groups across the country and it’s rapidly spreading through social media outlets.

They call themselves “patriots”, “the 3 percent”, and “oathkeepers” and have united to carry out their mission of detering illegal immigration starting at the border in Laredo, Texas.

Chris Davis, the group’s commander, says their efforts stem from the federal government’s inability to secure the border.

Davis says, “we’re standing up, we’re doing the right thing and in no way is the intent of this mission to be anywhere near malicious, or bad, or racist or any of those negative things. The intent is to protect lives, protect freedom of liberty, protect national sovereignty, which our founding fathers worked so hard for.”

Not disclosing the number of members, nor the location of their headquarters, the coalition says to be made up of war veterans, former military and ordinary citizens who train like the armed forces and follow a strict vetting process to avoid any rogue operations.

Davis tells Fox 2 News, “if they come through the process and they do things the right way, nobody has a problem with that. Our concern is with the folks that are starting off with a journey here in america by committing a crime.”

The lack of founding and resources along with reports in the media about the wave of undocumented immigrants are the main reasons the Laredo mayor, Raul Salinas, attributes to the uprising of american militias.

Salinas says, “what’s happening is this thing is becoming so complicated and beginning to turn into a raging fire.”

However, Salinas warns these groups, that he won’t allow such a mission to take place in his city, he says, “we don’t have a place for militia groups to come and secure the border. They’re dangerous, number one… a lot of them are very racial, very radical groups, and we don’t need them on the border. In my place, in Laredo, I’ve ran them off before, we don’t need them on the border, stay home.”

But as for their presence and visibility on the border, Davis says, there won’t be a need for confrontation. Unless they are forced to act in self defense.

In the upcoming days, the commander and his followers will be gathering necessary supplies while more members join the effort and a clear mission is laid out. A mission that he vows will last until they fend off the illegal crossers.