The Hidalgo County sheriff says new cases emerge with every arrest. Elva Navarro is one more suspect arrested for practicing medicine without a license.

The woman who works at Bella Face and Body Spa in McAllen allegedly injected a client identified by the initials “MPM”, with a polymer like substance as Botox.

The victim claims she paid 750 dollars for the injections in the buttocks area last October.  A month later, she found herself in the hospital.

“I’m concerned about the people their health and wellbeing,” explains Guadalupe “Lupe” Treviño, Hidalgo County sheriff.

This is the third person arrested in the last year linked to esthetic medical malpractice.

Previously Graciela De Leon and Nohemi Gonzalez were accused of similar crimes. The sheriff says all 3 know each other. For now, close to 30 victims have come forward.

According to Treviño, the violence in Mexico, extortions against business owners, the fear to travel to Mexico and the growing population of low-income undocumented immigrants are all mayor factors that contribute to the increase of clandestine activity in the county.

“If law enforcement if they got really serious.  We would be very surprised of the number of clandestine operations,” explains Treviño.

This is why state and federal agencies are partnering on this common front.

“What we have found is that it crossed county lines nationwide,” explains Michelle Lee, FBI spokesperson.

Sheriff Treviño tells us this is only the tip of the iceberg and that more arrests are to be expected. Meanwhile the Spa will remain closed until next Monday.