A shooting at an apartment complex in Edinburg leaves one person dead and another in police custody.

Police have identified both people while residents tell us they are shocked to hear the news.

Edinburg police responded to the 700 block of 4th Street to Edinburg Village apartments during the first hours of the morning in reference to a shooting that took place at one of the units.

That’s where police say they found 21-year-old Reynaldo Reyes Jr’s body with multiple gunshot wounds to the head.

“There was some type of dispute… We are not aware of what this dispute was about but it ultimately led to the shooting and death of the victim.”

Investigators then issued an arrest warrant to local law enforcement for 25-year-old Victor Lee Alfaro, who is believed to have been staying with Reyes and Reyes’ sister. It didn’t take long before Weslaco police located his vehicle and detained him.

Alfaro now faces charges for murder plus an aggravated assault for allegedly threatening Reyes’ sister with the gun.