The same vehicle involved in the drive-by shooting ended up crashing into a nearby tree.

The incident occurred around 3 am Wednesday morning in front of a residence located on the 11 thousand block of Mayberry Street, just north of highway 107.

According to a news release by the hidalgo county sheriff’s department, the victim noticed a gray vehicle with 4 male passengers parked outside his property when a shooting broke out. But it is not clear who fired first.

Soon after the same vehicle fled the scene before crashing into a tree just south of highway 107 on the same street.

Roberto Blanco tells Fox 2 news, he witnessed the accident.

“What I know up to now is that some people were coming down the street at a high speed leaving streak marks on the road and slamming into the tree. People were screaming and others began running into the orchard, i believe they were drunk,” explains Roberto Blanco, neighbor.

Investigators say they found a dead boy next to an injured man at the scene. Two other suspects were detained after trying to run from the location. One of them was transported to a hospital. Two firearms were also found near the crash site.

The driver could face murder charges once investigators finish analyzing the evidence.