Elections are right around the corner and while many are registered to vote, some still haven’t.
Tomorrow is the deadline to register to vote.

Texans have one more day to register to vote before the October 11th deadline. Due to a low voter turnout in our area, AACT now representatives remind the community to take advantage of this time.

The voter registration process can be started online at AACTNOW.org, once you apply and submit your application, a voter registration certificate will be mailed to you within thirty days.You must ensure everything is correct once you receive it, if not, contact your elections department. You can also fill out a voter registration card, which may be obtained at the elections department office, your local library or the AACT NOW office.

Again, you have until tomorrow to register to vote, don’t hesitate to do so, for more information on this process, call AACT NOW at (956) 664-2228.