Cameron County (KFXV) — Law enforcement asking for an explanation from the court that sentenced Marco Antonio Gonzalez to five years of prison for capital murder.

After a six day trial, Gonzalez was found guilty on nine different counts including the capital murder of Ivan Reyes.
The Chief of Police asking the D.A. in a meeting today what went wrong.

The jury and judge allegedly admitting to making an error and causing a miscommunication between themselves during the sentencing hearing. The jury thought the judge would sentence Gonzalez 5 years for each count but only sentenced him to five years in state prison total–of which Gonzalez has already served two and a half, which means he could be a free man in about two and a half more years.
Despite the technical mistake, Judge Luis Saenz states that according to Texas Law after a sentence has been read an appeal or a retraction said sentence cannot happen.