While most people are celebrating New Years with a bam there are those who are working to keep the streets safe.

For the past three years, during New Year’s celebration, around 1,000 people have required treatment to injuries as a result of fireworks and at least 5 percent of the cases have been classified as “severe injuries ” requiring a stay of more than night at the hospital; that’s why the McAllen Fire Dept. is taking serious measures concerning the use of fireworks.

Remember that with any type of injury proper treatment needs to be taken.
The Department of Public Health says these tips can prevent you from becoming a victim of any types of accidents:

  • Keep fireworks away from children.
  • Users should always have a water bucket nearby to put out sparklers and other fireworks.
  • People should not be drinking alcohol or other drugs while using fireworks.
  • Use fireworks in an open and clear area.
  • Verify if your city allows the use of fireworks please visit the page tdi.texas.gov or contact your local police department.