EDINBURG (KFXV) — After three years of arguments in courtrooms, Nohemi “Mimi” Gonzalez is found guilty of all charges including the damage caused to one of her patient’s body.

The victim, Corina Rios, injected with silicone said she went through more than 8 surgical procedures to reconstruct her body.

The jury heard several closing arguments today with prosecutors arguing– money is what led Mimi Gonzalez to break the law causing severe damage to Corina Rios. The defense argued – the victim’s vanity caused her those injuries.

Lips, nose and glutes are parts of Corina Rios body she says is still trying to reconstruct after being treat by Nohemi “Mimi” Gonzalez.

According to assistant prosecutor, Maggie Hinojosa, Gonzalez earned up to 18 hundred dollars from injecting silicone into Rio’s body. Silicone is toxic when injected straight into the human body.

Assistant prosecutor also argued Gonzalez did study cosmetology in Mexico however did not have a license to practice medical procedures in the United States.

Something she has been found guilty of doing out of a spa located in the city of Mission, causing infections and malformations in the victim’s body.

Defense attorney, Rene Flores stated Corina Rios was a victim of her own vanity. Looking to improve her appearance for her own personal reasons. Flores added Rios image is even published on social media to promote her professional career.

Prosecutors finished the closing argument explaining Rios –Gonzalez’ victim– was not looking for money but, looking for justice as well as preventing other women from falling victim at the hands of Nohemi “Mimi” Gonzalez.

Gonzalez placed under house arrest until her sentencing– after being found guilty of assault and practicing medicine without a license.