Nit Picking: ‘Super’ Lice Cases Spike as Parasite Becomes Resistant to Drugs

If regular lice weren’t enough, there’s a new strand of the parasites, which are harder to get rid of.

They’re called ‘super lice’ and Hannah Mackenzie tells us more about them…in part four of ‘nit picking’.

A study in 2015 done by researchers at southern Illinois University reveals lice in 25 U.S. states were resistant to over the counter and traditional treatments… Texas is one of those states.

“The majority of states in the united states head lice have become resistant to drugs.”

Dr. Sergio Ramirez associates ‘super lice’ with the recent spike in lice cases he’s seen come into his pediatric clinic.

“It has increased over the past few years; it has increased the percentage coming in with head lice.”

Dr Ramirez tells us he sees anywhere from 7 to 12 lice cases each month…
And he’s not the only one experiencing a lice-induced business boost.

“You could have gotten rid of them, i don’t know… Last year, maybe two years ago, with just going over the counter, putting the treatment on an combing out, that’s it…”

The owner of ‘healthy heads’ says–these days, it’s a different story.

“They can’t get rid of them…”

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