The popularity of commercial solar panels is growing, but homeowners choosing to harvest the power of the sun might encounter some problems with their developers, that is until now.

Senate Bill 1626 will close that loophole that allowed developers to keep solar power out of communities.
The law gives homeowners the freedom of installing solar panels on their homes. Something they were typically prohibited from doing under the “development phase” of construction. But starting September 1st, developers of expanding neighborhoods larger than 50 homes may not ban solar devices.
Installing such panels could become an issue with certain homeowner associations, depending on their guidelines. Something the bill now defeats. Senator Rodriguez, author of the bill, says “solar energy continues to emerge as a cost-effective, sustainable and non-polluting source of energy, and removing any barriers to its continued development is a priority.”
On average, a megawatt-hour of solar energy can power as many as 100 Texas homes on the hottest summer day

For more information on how to install solar energy at home, you may contact your local energy provider