Texas (KFXV) — Proposed this summer by the state’s health department and now a rule that will requires women to bury or cremate fetal tissue after an abortion. Governor Greg Abbott has said he agrees with the rule and hopes legislators will make it a law this coming legislative session.

Tomorrow will mark 5 months since the regulation was proposed.
It’s been finalized and will go into effect in 20 days and pro-choice organizations are fighting back calling it ‘unconstitutional’.

Texas health officials arguing the ‘enhanced protection of the health and safety of the public’.

We looked into the department of state health 73 page document, where despite 24 non-profit organizations opposing the rule since it was first submitted on july first. It still went through.

Members of the center for reproductive rights argue it’s a politically motivated rule to limit healthcare services to women.

The regulations would force women who seek an abortion, treatment for miscarriage or removal of an ectopic pregnancy to bury or cremate fetal tissues.

While some people are against the new measure.

Pro-life advocates calling this a win.

This regulation goes into effect on December 19th of this year. .As mentioned
Governor Greg Abbott is hoping lawmakers will write these rules into law in January.