This initiative stems from concerns voiced by families of two victims who sought their state representatives and asked them to take more drastic measures.
State representatives, law enforcement and city officials gathered in the city of Weslaco for a second time this year in an effort to implement a regional alert system.
This comes after David Garcia and former State Representative, Don Lee went missing, their bodies were found days later, they didn’t qualify to be added on the state amber alert system.
In Texas there are 17 regional alert programs but none of them in the Valley, it is for that reason that Hidalgo, Cameron and Willacy counties seek to partner up to use local resources and be more effective when searching for missing people.
But creating such a system will not be easy with 47 police agencies, dozens of cities and border dynamics, officials must create a structured and organized committee comprised of committed volunteers from several sectors of the community without counting on a budget, a program that could take about a year to put in place.
Officials from all three counties are expected to meet again within the next two weeks and form a steering committee.