New Law Helps Officers Train For Active Shooter Situations

Hidalgo County (KFXV) —  The Police Act was the main topic of discussion which funnels state and federal dollars to help train o



Police departments, sheriff’s offices, fire marshals and different agencies gathered in what they call  ‘the round table’ discussion.


One by one discussing what they need to better protect our community with  U.S. Senator John Cornyn on hand.


The Police Act is a grant  that our local agencies can apply for year to year to fund training.The federal grant  is 180 million dollars strong.


In Cameron County, Sheriff Omar Lucio expressed concern about officers not being able to make the right decision in a life or death situation due to exhaustion working over 60 hours a week.


In Brooks County, Immigration was the topic after finding 11 bodies just this past month.


Senator Cornyn expresses the importance of the input our area leaders provided for the senate.


The effort to obtain monetary help and perform trainings continues. Valley departments will host different trainings in the coming months.