Mission (KFXV) —  A Fox 2 Exclusive:  Dozens of immigrants are rescued from a stash house.

38 immigrants were found inside said stash house in the middle of a neighborhood with a school nearby.

One by one authorities transported dozens of immigrants from this house into border patrol vans.

Personal bag, cans and bottles of water is all that was left behind after authorities raided this home on Megan Drive.

Investigators say they began looking at specific locations including this one when they noticed suspicious activity.

Local and federal agencies also confiscated a light green for Explorer hoping to cut trafficker’s resources.

The stash house was located in a populated area with more than 10 houses in the neighborhood.
Just this week alone, we have seen 3 homes raided with immigrants rescued. Authorities continue investigating and ask for your help in alerting them of  human smuggling activity.