Historic move the National Border Patrol Council has endorsed Donald Trump for president.

This endorsement has sparked some criticism at the national level as well as among members of our community here in the valley.

Now fearing that border patrol agents hold the same extremist views as Donald Trump.

The union had never endorsed a presidential candidate in the primary election but they said they couldn’t keep quiet when it came to border security. They feel that Donald Trump is best suited for this job.

In an editorial, New York Times that it was appalling that a union whose members are paid by taxpayers embraced Trump’s immigration views. Some members of our community feel the same way.

“Our own people don’t support the border wall and like stuff like that, and I think that it’s just too extreme. It’s piggybacking on Donald Trump’s opinion and extreme values” — Amber Gutierrez (Edinburg Resident)

Chris Cabrera is the Union’s regional vice president, he is aware of the criticism of the union has received, but he assures people that they are not racist. Instead he says he carries out his job in the humanitarian way.

“I’ve carried kids out of the brush on my back because they couldn’t walk any longer. For somebody to say that we’re cruel, back it up with some facts. There are no facts that say we’re cruel. Do people not like the fact that we do the job we do? Yeah, people don’t like that fact. People don’t like our job, but it’s a necessary job.” — Chris Cabrera

Donald Trump said he was very thankful for the Union’s endorsement and he assured that if he were to become president he will work very hard with them to ensure the Border once and for all.