Donna — A three vehicle accident with several people injured and children it would have been fine but there is a condition in which they found the suspect the least consequence explained

Police say the Man Behind the crash was found nude.

The images speak for themselves. a three-car Collision on Val Verde and Sioux road this morning that left several people injured was allegedly caused by 31 year old man driving this ford vehicle. Authorities say, he drove over a curb, lost control of the car, striking this Mercury vehicle and then a van where a mother and two children were on board.

Officials say the Edinburg man fled on foot baring it all before he was detained by a police officer.

“The driver of the Ford Taurus fled the scene will be charged with failure to stop and render aid which is a felony.”

Guajardo sells Easter eggs near the intersection where the Collision happened.

He says he witnesses many car accidents in the area. we searched the area and indeed there are no traffic signs warning drivers of the curvy road ahead.

The police continue working the investigation.

Three adults were transported to the hospital including the suspect and two children.