A Mission family is breathing a sigh of relief tonight after receiving a money order in the mail last Friday and not cashing it. Here’s what happened.

Elette Garza is glad she reached out to Fox 2 News when she received a mysterious letter containing a money order in the mail. She claims her father received a “Mystery Shopper” offer.

“We looked into it. There were several people all across the country with the same address saying it’s a scam. It’s totally bogus”, says Garza.

It’s know as the “Mystery Shopper” Scam and many people across the United States have fallen for it.

The letter was sent to Elette’s grandmother’s mail box, and was addressed to her father. The envelope came with specific instructions inside.

First, to cash the check and proceed with the following steps. Purchase items at popular stores like Walgreens and Wal-Mart as a “secret shopper”. However, Elette’s father never signed up for the job and that was a huge red flag.

“First I didn’t think it was legit because mystery shoppers companies just don’t send you letters in the mail. You have to sign up for it and then you go from there,” adds Garza.

Dolores Salinas, the South Texas BBB President says this scam has been circulating throughout the region and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If so, victims could pay a hefty price.

“If you received something in the mail that you didn’t ask for and you cash it. Then you’re responsible for those monies,” explains Dolores Salinas, South Texas BBB president – consumer expert

Meanwhile, Elette and her family are happy they didn’t fall for this scam and advise the public to do their research when receiving suspicious packages in the mail.

The Better Business Bureau, suggests that if you do happen to receive a package or letter in the mail you are not expecting to report it immediately.