FOX 2 obtained federal court documents that list a total of 14 plaintiffs, all former employees of the sheriff’s department.

Former officials Reginald Jackson, Adrian Rodriguez and Hermelinda Garcia were added to the other 11 filing suit.

According to the documents each plaintiff claims to have suffered repercussions by Sheriff Guadalupe Treviño in some way.

The lawsuit was initiated last may with eight original complaints, the rest have followed since then.

Nevertheless Sheriff Treviño’s attorney, Valori Glass, was not available today for comment but she did file a motion to dismiss the suit claiming the accusations are directed at Treviño ‘the official’.

Referencing related supreme court decisions, Glass argues the lawsuit should be directed to Hidalgo County instead.

Meanwhile in a text message, Sheriff Treviño said he could not give a statement during the process.

The court must now decide whether or not to allow the motion by the defense until then the prosecution will continue presenting evidence until they are able to take the case to a jury.