A Mission family is wanting answers after a shooting that took place back in November killed their beloved family member.

“It’s not fair what they did to him. I just want justice,” explains Maria Padilla, mother of Eleazar Padilla Jr.

Tears have been shed plenty of times since the death of Maria’s son. Eleazar Padilla Jr. The 28-year-old father of five.

Passed away Nov. 14th as a result of a shooting that took place Nov 1st at a tire shop off coyote circle, north of Mission.

Authorities have not found the group of men responsible for the shooting and beating of Maria’s son and the family wants someone to step forward.

“If anyone knows something please step forward so we can know who shot my brother,” says Eleazar’s sister.

The motive of why the group of men beat and shot Padilla in the leg at the tire shop is unclear. However, the events that happened after the incident is what really bothers the Padilla family.

They claim the owner of the tire shop refused to take Padilla to the hospital for fear of being arrested.. Because of time lost.

Eleazar died at the McAllen Regional Hospital 14 days later after being on life support. What the owner did for Padilla instead of taking him to the hospital. Is what the Padilla family says in unacceptable.

The investigation has revealed that Eleazar had earlier participated in a drug deal with unknown individuals. Padilla’s family disagrees.

Hidalgo County Sheriff’s office has not had any solid leads on this case. However, they are currently looking for a 2008 white Chevy Colbalt that three assailants were apparently in.

If anyone has information about this case you are urged to call Hidalgo County Sheriff’s office at (956) 383-8114.