The valley has experienced heavy rain leaving entire neighborhoods under water. One of the most affected areas is the city Mission, home to the Perez family. Their house was surrounded by flood water.

“Saturday was the heaviest, the water level was very high, my car wasn’t turning on,” explains a resident of the area.

The anguish worsens as time goes on.

“It was impossible to be there, we even had to put our belongings on top of the bed to protect them from the water,” adds a resident of the area.

The project coordinator for Hidalgo County tells Fox 2 news that trash on the drainage ditches is to blame for the flooding.

“Many pipes are blocked, it is incredible how we see tires and all different kind of stuff blocking the pipes,” says Domingo Villarreal, Hidalgo County Project manager.

According to Villarreal, crews have been preparing for several weeks and that allowed for a rapid response to the flood situation.

Meanwhile the Perez family is looking for a place to stay because their home is severely damaged by water.