Two men charged with murder today–after a domestic dispute turned deadly Monday morning.

According to police, 50 year old Daniel Deanda shot and killed his wife 49 year old Yolanda Pena Deanda Monday outside of his home on the 100 block of libertad Street.

Police tell us Deanda fled the scene on foot. He was found by officers two blocks away with a gun in his hand.

Today he stood before a judge, charged with murder, as family members looked on.

“My brother was sick mentally. He wanted to kill himself and then he kept saying that he wanted to kill. her his love for his wife is very very deep.” — Sister of Daniel Deanda

Deanda’s sisters tell us they separated last year and they think it was a crime of passion.

“I’m going to miss my sister-in-law so much because we loved her so much. She was like a sister and she was always there for all of us.” — Sister of Daniel Deanda

38 year old Jason Michael Shaw was also charged today in connection to the incident.

Authorities tell us she who turned himself in this morning drove the Honda to the home where the murder took place. He’s charged with murder and failing to report a felony. His bond is set at $100,000.

Authorities tell if the couple has four children together. As of this evening a motive behind the incident remains unknown. Investigators tell us alcohol was not a factor and Deanda’s bond is set at 1 million dollars.