ALAMO (KFXV) — A woman speaks out after being held up at gunpoint.
A gun pointed at her head. That’s something this woman says he will never forget. She lives to tell her story after an armed robbery at a local meat market.
The woman you just heard from who did not want to be identified says she’s lived through a nightmare.
This was the camera that managed to capture the moment the robber came inside this business with employees inside.
We are not releasing her identity for her protection.
She and her coworkers ran to hide in this corner of the counter when a man with gun in hand entered the store demanding money.
It was then they realized he was not going to give up.
That’s when she says she put fear aside followed his instructions word for word.
Hidalgo county Investigators continue to look for the suspects who terrorized this woman and another employee.
Here at the meat market on the the 1200 block of Tower Rd., police are now asking for anyone who recognizes the man to come forward.
If you have any information contact Hidalgo County Crime Stoppers at (956) 668-TIPS. The owner of El Amigo Meat Market is also offering a reward for any information that could lead to an arrest.