Now what started off as a quarrel between a couple ended up as an almost fatal ending for a neighbor who was just trying to help.

Several screams could be heard from the 3804 apartment complex located off of Kerry Lane and Eighth Court in McAllen it was where a male and his ex girlfriend were fighting over a vehicle around 11 p.m.

Last night Esmer Salinas, wife of the male victim said the argument escalated quickly, it was at then that the suspect became violent.

The neighbor from the top floor heard the commotion and ran down stairs quickly to assist in restraining the suspect, then it happened, the male stuck husband, Alfredo Lozano in the abdomen.

Lozano was admitted to McAllen Medical Hospital for surgery, wife esmer tells FOX NEWS it was there  they discovered the suspect had punctured his small and large intestine.

And as for the suspect, he barricaded himself in his apartment until the police forcefully made their way in and apprehended him.

Alfredo Lozano is in stable condition but he will now need another surgery that his wife says they can not afford.

If you’d like to help the family, please contact them at (956) 905-6623.

And this is the mugshot of Ivan Rodolfo Waters.

The 45-year-old McAllen resident was charged with aggravated assault a second degree felony and for an assault a class a misdemeanor.

His total bond was set at $100,000.