The McAllen Independent School District responds to allegations of unethical political practices in court this afternoon. Claiming they’ve done nothing wrong in displaying information about the upcoming bond election.

McAllen school district officials made an appearance in county court to dispute allegations of utilizing public resources to favor the passing of a 297 million dollar bond, aimed at restoring aging public buildings. Such examples being the display of bond information using school property, on the website, and holding voter registration on school grounds–something the district says, it is perfectly legal.

On the other hand Attorney Javier Villalobos, who has previously expressed opposition to the school bond, says, the school continues to act unethically, which is a violation of the law. The district filed a motion to dismiss the suit due to lack of court jurisdiction, given that Villalobos and his clients haven’t asked for monetary damages. That, however, will change after the plaintiff’s were granted another week to bring forward claimed damages. It will be until then that the merits of the lawsuit, alleging the unethical actions, will be addressed.