As prevention towards human trafficking, McAllen Independent School District along with other agencies has decided to take action.

A new tactic will hopefully help detect if a student is being victim of human trafficking.

There has not been a single case of human trafficking reported at the McAllen ISD.

However, knowing how to detect this issue could be the key to saving a life.

School board members along with district’s police and the family treatment center took initiative to launch a new tactic for the detection of human trafficking.

“We’re going to be implementing a training program. There are going to be three parts to it. We’re going to be explaining how to recognize the signs of human trafficking… How to recognize the vulnerable groups, the children that are particularly vulnerable to being trafficked.”

This training will show teachers and faculty about the common signs they need to look out for and what steps to take after a student is known in fact to be a victim.

“If a child has been abused in any way, has been trafficked any way, that we get them in contact with that is the appropriate councillors, the appropriate medical attention. That any resources that we have to be brought to bear on that child.”

The District’s Police Department says even though this is not the case at McAllen ISD, it’s good to educate the teachers since they are the ones to spend more time with the students.

“Teachers have the closest relationships with the students and they’re the ones I can probably see the deficiencies when it might occur with the student.”

School representatives tell Fox 2 News that this Human Trafficking Training for Teachers will begin as soon as this summer.