One local bariatric weight loss support group had a lot to celebrate at tonight’s 5th annual weight loss dinner, seven thousand pounds worth to be exact!

Earlier tonight, the McAllen Heart Hospital celebrated their bariatric patients combined weight loss of more than 7,000 pounds since January 2013.

Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Luis Reyes, hospital CEO Jason Chang and Bariatric Director Paula Kilgore congratulated the success of their weight loss surgery guests as they nibbled on a healthy dinner of fish, chicken breast and Mediterranean style veggies.

Each individual’s surgery and accomplishments have changed their lives from almost curing diabetes to re-connecting with their children and re-igniting marriages.

The weight loss surgery support groups and post operation nutrition programs have become tools for their continued success.

“I am going on a year. I can do so many things now work out, walk up stairs. It has been amazing, it really has,” says Yesenia Masa, lost over 100 lbs

If you are interested in learning more about bariatric weight loss surgery, attend a seminar for next year at (956) 994-2734.