MCALLEN (KFXV) — An apartment complex caught on fire this afternoon, displacing more than 15 people. At the scene, the top of the apartment complex was completely destroyed and residents are scared now that more than 15 people no longer have a home. Melinda Guillen is one of the residents that lost her home due to the fire. According to authorities, the fire initiated around 2pm where one apartment caught ablaze and then quickly spread to 11 more units. With a collapsed roof and 35-40 firefighters who were at the scene trying to terminate the flames, firefighters were successful after 5 hours. One woman and two children were rushed to the hospital and no one was severely injured. Residents from the complex told us they have been released but still do not have a home to go to. Guillen’s puppy was the last one to be evacuated after trapped in the smoke for two hours. The Red Cross arrived hours later hoping to help the affected families. The cause of the fire has not yet been released but the Red Cross did mention to us that they are going to provide them with temporary shelter. We will keep you updated with information as it is released.