MCALLEN – A resident is left without a home after a fire destroys it Monday evening.

He says his mother left for a few hours, with never a thought she would return to her home in flames

It was before midnight Monday that the fox 2 news cameras caught video of the mobile home fire on uvalde drive.

A call to the homeowner by her neighbors alerted her about the incident. Her son, Reynoldo Sanchez, says he feared his mother was inside.

“I was scared she was inside. Thank god she was not at home and it didn’t go further than material things,” said the victim.

Mcallen fire department arrived to the scene and quickly put out the fire in the mobile home.
Sanchez explains that authorities advised it was likely an electronic device that started the fire.

“They told us the main factor of the fire was the window air unit. They took with them some of the cables and extension cords,” said the victim..

The fire not only consumed the home, but also his mother’s only vehicle.

“My mother lives on her own and we’re going to do as much as we can to help her get back on her feet,” explains the victim.

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