San Juan (KFXV) — A man is arrested for attempting to break into a home….. Police say the man was selling bibles door to door when the incident happened.
Investigators tell me what a woman thought was supposed to be an innocent sale quickly turned into a need for help.
Without hesitation, Robert Woodward heads straight to the door — the suspect captured by a security camera outside a woman’s home.
Moments before–Woodward and another man are seen knocking on the same door claiming to be from a Christian academy selling bibles to raise tuition money.
San Juan resident, Maria Treviño says door to door sales are nothing new in the city.
Treviño says after learning about this case she will pay more attention to who comes knocking at her door, as well as advising the rest of her family.
San Juan Police Chief tells Fox News investigators have arrested multiple individuals that use this same technique to commit these crimes.
Police asking you to follow these steps: Ask for credentials like an id or contact number. Be aware of who you are dealing with like noticing what the are wearing and what type of vehicle they are driving and finally.
In this case, police say Woodward did belong to the christian academy he claimed be part of–taking advantage of the situation.
Woodward was charged with attempt to commit burglary of a home. If you notice anything suspicious during a door to door sale report it to your local authorities.