New details are developing following the death of the 25 year women in Sullivan City today the suspect faced charges and Fox 2 news spoke exclusively with his attorney.

27 year old Federico Cantu was arrested Friday night by Sullivan City police after reports of shot fired. Upon arrival a woman who has now been identified by Hidalgo County sheriff’s office who have taken over the investigation, as Viridiana Hernandez who was killed by a gunshot wound.

“Investigators were able to interview officers that responded to the scene where they found the victim with a gunshot wound to the face she was transported to the hospital and was later pronounced dead,” explains J.P Rodriguez, Hidalgo County spokesperson.

Initially neighbors of the victim had reported Hernandez was pregnant but an autopsy revealed otherwise. Today, Cantu her live in partner for 3 years appeared before a judge and is facing manslaughter charges.

“We have established enough probable cause to charge him with recklessly causing her death,” adds Rodriguez.

However according to police reports, in a testimony Cantu claimed he was cleaning his weapon when he accidently shot the 25 year old victim in the face.

“My client and his girlfriend where at his home when an accident occurred that she was struck by a bullet from a gun he fired the weapon was fired accidentally, it was an accident nothing more,” explains Carlos Garcia, defense attorney.

The suspects attorney states Cantu has no criminal record which could help his case, but if found guilty he could face up to 20 years in prison

Now police did recover a handgun along with narcotics and money next to the location where the victim was shot, as for Cantu he remains in the Hidalgo county jail with a half a million dollar bond.