After five years authorities say they finally have the man accused in the brutal stabbing death of a Weslaco high school teacher.

The family of Eduardo Cruz may finally get justice for his murder with the help of mexican authorities.

Twenty-seven-year-old, Francisco Javier Gonzalez was charged with capital murder, after allegedly hiding in Mexico since the time of the crime.

The murder dates back to July15, 2008 when the lifeless body of the retired drama teacher was found by his sisters.

Weslaco police say cruz had been stabbed 70 times with a pair of scissors.

They motive, they add, robbery since Cruz’s car and TV were missing.

Gonzalez was issued a $2M bond.

In a phone interview with Weslaco, they said as part of  an agreement they had with Mexico, they would would not seek the death penalty but if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison.