TEXAS (KFXV) — The lawsuits against the state of Texas continue to pile up as Senate Bill four (SB4) comes closer to becoming a law.

Five entities are joining hands to challenge the recently signed ‘Show Me Your Papers’ bill. Among these organizations is La Union Del Pueblo Entero – which represents thousands of immigrants throughout the valley.

Although 23 police departments in South Texas, have shown their support for the new law, La Union Del Pueblo Entero officially sealed their participation in a lawsuit against the state of Texas, Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General, Ken Paxton.

Among some of the key points mentioned in this lawsuit, are the violation of the first, fourth and 14th amendments of the constitution. Arguing that SB4 attempts to regulate matters exclusively reserved to federal government.

One of the consequences that civil and pro-immigrant organizations have noticed, is the division that has already formed between communities and law enforcement.

So far, LUPE is the only valley organization that has joined the battle in court.

Some members from LUPE are in Austin, waiting to meet up with other organizations to discuss the lawsuit and their next moves.